We help our clients to meet legislative requirements in the following areas:


waste management

  • waste registration in the ENVITA programme,
  • processing of Waste Production Reports and
  • reporting to the ISPOP system
  • classification of waste according to the waste catalogue

air protection

  • creation of statutory documentation,
  • processing of air pollution source registration reports and
  • reporting to the ISPOP system

management of chemical substances and mixtures

  • creation of a Register of Chemical Substances and Mixtures, in which the substances and
    mixtures used are clearly registered, with identification of hazardous properties with impact
    on the environment and on the health of persons
  • preparation of documentation for the handling of hazardous chemical substances and mixtures

water management

  • preparation of the emergency plan and other statutory documentation
  • preparation of reports for the water balance

prevention of serious accidents

  • processing of the IRZ Report and
  • notification to the ISPOP system,
  • processing of the Protocol on the classification / non-classification of the object and
  • other documentation